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As you know, water is not just water! I like to drink and taste the best. More and more brands are bottling water into glass instead of plastic to stop polluting our planet. 

The variety of luxury waters has completely enchanted me. Here you can see my continuously expanding collection of glass-bottled limited edition fine waters showing the name of donators or own acquisition if it is. In my future special gallery concept store and water bar, I save them for the next generations to present how many wonderful waters we have been blessed with by Mother Earth. So, let's preserve the most valuable treasure on Earth together.

Donate your glass-bottled limited edition fine water to be a part of this goal and be featured here by keeping the record of your name as a kind donator. In case you have one I lack, please contact me. Thank You! 


Allegra Passugger Water



Badacsonyi Rose Gold Water

Badacsonyi Rose Gold Water


Earth for Dylan Hotel Water

Earth For Dylan Hotel

Evian 2008 Christian Lacroix

Evian 2008 Christian Lacroix

Evian 2009 Jean Paul Gaultier

Evian 2009 Jean Paul Gaultier

Evian 2010 Paul Smith

Evian 2010 Paul Smith

Evian 2010 Issey MiyakeEvian 2011 Issey Miyake

Evian 2012 Courrèges

Evian 2012 Courrèges

Evian 2012 Diane Von FursteEvian 2013 Diane Von Furstenberg

Evian 2014 Elie SaabEvian 2014 Elie Saab

Evian 2014 KenzoEvian 2015 Kenzo

Evian 2016 Alexander WangEvian 2016 Alexander Wang 

Evian 2017 Christian LacroixEvian 2017 Christian Lacroix

Evian 2018 Chiara Ferragni

Evian 2018 Chiara Ferragni

Evian 2019 Inès LongevialEvian 2019 Inès Longevial

Evian 2019 Virgil Abloh Make A Rainbow Evian 2019 Virgil Abloh Make A Rainbow

Evian 2019 Virgil Abloh One Drop can make a Rainbow Evian 2019 Virgil Abloh Rainbow Inside

Evian 2020 Virgil Abloh Activate Moment Evian 2020 Virgil Abloh Activate Moment

Evian 2021 Moncler

Evian 2021 Moncler


Font Vella Felices Fiestas

Font Vella Felices Fiestas


Jolival Paris Saint Germain

Jolival Paris Saint Germain


Love H2O Valentines Edition

Love H2O Valentines Edition



Pineo Luna Llena


San Benedetto MillenniumSan Benedetto Millennium

Sirma BeninSirma Benim

Solan De CabrasSolan De Cabras Rocas


Veri LimitadaVeri Limitada Natura

Vöslauer SondereditionVöslauer Sonderedition