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Rose gold water Badacsony
ROSE GOLD WATER BADACSONY is a Life Science water. The production volume is carefully limited with great regard to its renewable aspects. Brand Rose Gold Water Badacsony bottles the genuine spring water of Badacsony with gravity pressure 6 bars resulting from the natural difference in level – between the spring and the plant. Rose Gold Water is an artisan bottled water speciality, functional drink, high energetic value medium which might promote general feeling of well being; enhance the body's natural defenses; stimulate the body's rejuvenation functions; increase conductivity between nerve endings; improve SQ, reduce dependency on any obsession. The water is bottled only thirteen times a year at full moon. Ingredients: Rose petal distillation and specially filtered Kisfaludy spring water 50 ml, 24 carats pure gold 5 mg.
  • Country: Hungary
  • Origin: Spring
  • Orientation pH: 7,4 (Slightly Alkaline)
  • TDS mg/l: 8
  • Type: Still
  • Bottle Size: 50 ml and 500 ml
  • Brand: www.ivoviz.hu
Badacsony Rose gold water