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Veri, the water of the Pyrenees, in 2010 has launched an exclusive and limited edition water under the name of VERI LIMITADA NATURA collection of four different types of glass bottles, one for each season of the year. This collection has as its common objective to help the preservation of the Pyrenees, place of origin of Veri water. Each of the four bottles has a collage of an animal characteristic of the Pyrenees. This collage forms a drop of water with the silhouettes of the chosen species. The bottle, designed by Alex Gallimó, is characterized by its soft and pure lines that recall the exceptional origin of this water. As the first bottle of the Natura collection, Veri has presented the spring bottle, whose motif is glacial butterflies. Several types of these butterflies, such as the Isabelina or Lycaene Helle, are endemic to the Pyrenees and are found in the Benasque Valley, the place of origin of the Veri water. Its great color paints and full of life every spring the landscapes of the Pyrenees, adding spectacular to the already impressive Pyrenean landscapes. The other three bottles will be presented on the occasion of the start of the remaining seasons: summer, autumn and winter. Likewise, in the back part all the bottles have an ideogram that reflects a profile of the Pyrenees through the bottle. With the creation of this exclusive edition Veri wants to help the preservation of a natural space as important for the brand as for society in general, such as the Pyrenees. To this end, part of the money raised from the sale of these bottles will go towards the development of projects related to the conservation of the Pyrenees.

  • Country: Spain
  • Origin: Natural Mineral
  • Orientation pH: 7,9 (Moderately Alkaline)
  • TDS mg/l: 276
  • Type: Still
  • Bottle Size: 1000 ml
  • Brand: www.veri.es