A lady shines like a diamond, she is stylish, conscious and confident. But she can be more unique with my sparkling artworks.

Who am I

WELCOME to my Swarovski crystal-embellished gifts water-themed concept store. My name is Agnes. I'm a designer, a true water enthusiast, and a Swarovski lover. I am passionate about luxury packaging, glam, nice designs, and silhouettes. I almost drowned in a river when I was three, yet I feel an inexplicable attraction to water. I found my first limited edition water bottles and fine waters in Spain at a petrol station on the bottom shelf a few years ago. I instantly fell in love with them, and I have learned a lot about water since. Some years ago I started creating Swarovski crystal-embellished canvases and once I came up with the idea of combining them with the water-theme. You can see the result of my mission on this site!

OF MY STORE: it's all about water! This is your online source for branded and designed glass water bottles, unique water-themed canvases, gifts, glassware, and home decorations all handmade by me. My lovely creations are embellished with real Swarovski® crystals for those who seek the finest rarities and I give you a piece of my heart and soul with them to stand out in the sparkling world. In the future, at my special physical store, you will be able to taste and choose from the best fine waters and find all WaterGlam products in one place. 

Water is a wonder

MY WATER-THEMED GIFT STORE  is dedicated to spreading the love of simplicity, purity, beauty, and the wonder of water. With an extraordinary glam bottle or a decoration, you can tribute to this magic. Bringing decorative elements of water into our environment reminds us how we feel when we step into glittering water, stroll along the beach, walk in the summer rain or drink from a crystal clear creek. For me, every little crystal reflects on the sparkling water droplets. I value minimalism, the beauty of the glass, the wonderful crystals which make my designs a perfect addition to a whole variety of interior decor. All of this makes every WaterGlam product so unique.

WATER COLLECTION: as you know, water is not just water! I like to drink and taste the best. The variety of luxury waters has completely enchanted me. In the gallery menu, you can see my continuously expanding collection of glass-bottled fine waters and limited edition waters showing the name of donators or own acquisition if it is. In my future special gallery concept store and water bar, I save them for the next generations to present how many wonderful waters we have been blessed with by Mother Earth. Join me by donating a new bottle - contact me to do so. Thank You! 

'If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water' - Loren Eisley