'If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water' - Loren Eisley

Agnes WaterGlam Store

It's all about water and glam you love

This is your online source for water-themed Swarovski crystal-embellished gifts and creations. All branded and designed glass water bottles, unique wall arts, gifts, glassware, and home decorations are handmade by me. My creations are all about glitz and glam for those who seek the finest rarities.

My water-themed gift store is dedicated to spreading the love of simplicity, purity, beauty, and the wonder of water. With a unique WaterGlam bottle or a decor item, you can tribute to this magic. Bringing decorative elements of water into our environment reminds us how we feel when we step into sparkling water, stroll along the beach, walk in the summer rain or drink from a crystal clear creek. For me, every little crystal reflects on tiny sparkling water droplets. I value minimalism, the beauty of the glass, the wonderful Swarovski crystals which make my creations a glittering addition to a whole variety of home decor or make them as a perfect gift for any occasion. All of this makes every WaterGlam product so unique.

Enjoy shopping, check out the best fine waters collection of more than 300 bottles from all over the world with description and data in the Gallery, read the water-themed blog.