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Iceberg water
ICEBERG water is sourced from unspoiled ice that has naturally detached from the Canadian Arctic ice shelf and traveled down south for five to seven years. During the warmer months of the year, they reach the Newfoundland coastline where they can be captured before they finally melt into the ocean. This makes Iceberg Water a natural water, only available when nature decides it is ready and at the quantities, nature dictates. For hundreds of years, local populations have harvested water from icebergs as they drift along the coastline for their purity and natural healing properties. Following this tradition, Iceberg Water delicately harvests a small number of icebergs each year, under license from the Canadian government. For thousands of years, icebergs have naturally detached from the Canadian Arctic ice shelf and floated south. They travel between five to seven years to Newfoundland where approximately 1,500 passes along the coastline each season (May-September). Small sections are harvested under license by the local population of Newfoundland to capture the natural purity hidden within. All Iceberg Water is bottled at source, in its natural environment of St John's, Newfoundland. This guarantees that the freshness of the water is maintained, and also helps support the local economy by offering employment opportunities to the local population. The journey of icebergs has been studied for many years at the Center of Cold Water Research in Canada. The primary focus of current research is to discover the correlation between melting icebergs and the environment. Recent studies from St Mary's University in Nova Scotia, Canada suggest that too much fresh-water ice melting into the salt-water ocean is likely to have a negative impact on the environment. Long-term effects may include an alteration to the patters of the Gulf Stream and eventual rising sea levels. By harvesting detached icebergs, Iceberg water is finding a new destination for this beautifully pure water. Comparatively, the small quantity of ice sourced for Iceberg Water is a literal "drop" in the ocean and so Iceberg Water is passionate to assist in research to preserve our precious arctic ice shelves.
  • Country: Canada
  • Origin: Iceberg
  • Orientation pH: 7,8 (Slightly Alkaline)
  • TDS mg/l: 9
  • Type: Still
  • Bottle Size: 750 ml
  • Brand: www.pure-iceberg.com