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This handmade one-of-a-kind Swarovski crystal-embellished FASHION FACE MASK is unique to you and it's not something that comes along every day. Soft, smooth breathing, reusable and washable. It is comfortable enough to not rub your face and is suitable for wearing at any time and as long time as you wish to. The elastic mask is wide enough to cover the nose, mouth, and face. Elastic adjustable earrings fit snugly and are easy to wear. It blocks 97% of dust but doesn't block air.

Each Swarovski® crystal is hand-placed using the strongest professional-grade glue available. Your crystal-embellished FASHION FACE MASK will last as long as it is treated with care, like a piece of jewelry. Each mask packed separately. Enjoy the glam of the Swarovski bling!

MATERIAL: polyurethane, spandex, real Swarovski® crystals, and PU laser cut heat seal vinyl with high thickness glitters

LENGTH: 35 cm

HEIGHT: 13 cm

CLEANING AND CAREdo not leave it in overheated areas as this could cause the glue to soften and make the crystals come loose. Do not pick at the crystals as this could cause them to come off. Wash gently by hand in warm water with mild detergent and let air dry. Avoid any contact with sharp or hard objects.


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