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This rhodium-plated two-in-one unique jewelry DROP KEYCHAIN has a key holder, a clip-on bracelet with a crystallized heart charm, a soft angora fur pendant and a pendant with WaterGlam crystallized drop. It is a stylish companion of your keys, handbag, cellphone, purse or luggage, and a bracelet if you wish to.

Each Swarovski® crystal is hand-placed using the strongest professional-grade glue available. Your crystallized DROP KEYCHAIN will last as long as it is treated with care, like a piece of jewelry.

More Info:

  • MATERIAL: stainless steel, lead, and nickel free metal plated with lustrous rhodium, real Swarovski® crystals, angora fur
  • LENGTH: 25 cm

STORING: avoid any contact with sharp or hard objects.

HANDLING: do not leave it in overheated areas as this could cause the glue to soften and make the crystals come loose. Do not pick at the crystals as this could cause them to come off. Your DROP KEYCHAIN comes with a small packet of spare crystals and glue should any accidents occur.

Image alt text: DROP KEYCHAIN with real Swarovski® crystals

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