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Sourcy water
In Bunnik, at the foot of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug, fresh rainwater poured into the soil for centuries. Through numerous earth layers, SOURCY water was filtered, purified and enriched with minerals. Full of character, all by nature (Dutch). Sourcy mineral water is naturally pure and has a soft character due to the balanced minerals. It is sodium poor so it is suitable for the preparation of baby food and low-fat diets. Under the ground between impervious clay layers, the soaking rainwater came to rest. Sourcy mineral water is now gained from our source in Bunnik at 130 meters below the surface of the earth. The history of this source dates back to 1250 years.
  • Country: Netherlands
  • Origin: Spring
  • Orientation pH: 6,1 (Slightly Acid)
  • TDS mg/l: 162
  • Type: Still and Sparkling
  • Bottle Size: 750 ml
  • Brand: www.sourcy.nl