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Sirma Fine Water

SIRMA water is a Mediterranean pine forest natural high-end mineral water of Turkey. Its exterior has an impressive and elegant design that would suit every table. Sirma Water is meticulously transported through stainless steel pipes to our government approved and regulated filling facilities. This natural pristine water originates in the mountainous region of Sapanca, Adapazari. Its journey begins from the oxygen-rich pine tree forests of Kartepe, at 1.800 m. above sea level. The water is then bottled and packaged with the utmost care, avoiding any human contact, utilizing state of the art machinery and technology. The final product is transported from the filling facilities in government approved and regulated carriers, distributing to all regions of Turkey as well as several worldwide destinations. Sirma Water acquires its unique flavor and natural elements from its origins of untouched pine forests. It offers the consumer a superior standard of healthy water with a smooth taste and 2.3 Fr. degree of hardness. Sirma maintains its purity with consistent laboratory monitoring both microbiologically and chemically. The laboratories exist within the company Sirma and control the quality and standards expected of a superior water product from the source to the consumer. As a result of the carefully controlled hygienic environment in which the water is bottled, Sirma’s consumers can confidently enjoy a healthy and tasty product that is consistent in its quality. The process of bottling Sirma’s natural water involves 40 continuous checkpoints ensuring that every size and have a precise consistency both in quality and taste. 

    • Country: Turkey
    • Origin: Natural Mineral
    • Orientation pH: 7,6 (Slightly Alkaline)
    • TDS mg/l: 63
    • Type: Still
    • Bottle Size: 750 ml
    • Brand: www.sirmawater.com

    Turkey fine water