Donated by Grand Hotel Sava, Rogaška
Roi water
ROI water is unlike any other mineral water in the world. As the most magnesium-rich water there is, it offers various benefits, but only when enjoyed in moderation. The unique ROI mineral water provides various health effects, depending on the way it is drunk. Drink ROI fast and warm to accelerate bowel activity. Drink ROI slow and cool to increase mineral reabsorption. As magnesium is responsible for the regulation of the overall nervous and muscular system, the most magnesium-rich mineral water in the world is an ideal answer to your rich lifestyle. Created by the Greek mythological winged horse Pegasus. Legend has it that Pegasus, instructed by Apollo, struck his hoof to the earth at Rogaška and opened up the Roitschocrene spring. What sprung forth was the world’s most magnesium-rich mineral water. At that solemn moment, Apollo said the now famous words: "Hereby lies the source of health and the true power of the gods. Instead of Hippocrene, drink Roitschocrene from the spring in front of you." A wise suggestion to follow, coming from the god of healing, light, and poetry. Legendary by creation and still legendary today. Pegasus, the mythological symbol that adorns every bottle of ROI is said to be the creator of its invaluable well.
  • Country: Slovenia
  • Origin: Well
  • Orientation pH: 6,8 (Neutral)
  • TDS mg/l: 7481
  • Type: Still
  • Bottle Size: 750 ml
  • Brand: www.roiwater.comRoi