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Plancoët water

Water from PLANCOËT spring has been recognized as natural mineral water since 1928. It is naturally pure, belongs to the geological heritage of Brittany, light and balanced in mineral salts. This water is extracted from the Sassay spring and is known for its benefits for nearly 100 years. Since the 80's, Plancoët site has been working closely with local farmers to protect the environment. To the delight of all, Plancoët launched in 2011 a finely sparkling water for restaurants and hotels.

  • Country: France
  • Origin: Natural MIneral
  • Orientation pH: 6,5 (Slightly Acid) and 4,6 (Very Strongly Acid)
  • TDS mg/l: 257
  • Type: Still and Sparkling
  • Bottle Size: 750 ml
  • Brand: www.eau-plancoet.com