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Natur Aqua Fine Water

The NATUR AQUA mineral water, extracted from a depth of 685 meters and has been filtered for 14,000 years, has been produced at the Coca-Cola HBC Hungary plant in Zalaszentgrót since September 2002, where 134 million liters of water were bottled last year alone. They have selected the well in Zalaszetgrót on purpose and decided to build their production plant there following a long research carried out by specialists and they have compared the water quality and composition of 25 Hungarian springs. The mineral composition of the water form Zalaszentgrót is balanced, which gives a pleasant flavour to the water.                                     

    • Country: Hungary
    • Origin: Natural Mineral
    • Orientation pH: 7,2 (Neutral)
    • TDS mg/l: 627
    • Type: Still and Sparkling
    • Bottle Size: 750 ml
    • Brand: hu.coca-colahellenic.com

    Hungarian Fine Water