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Kaqun Water
KAQUN PREMIUM water is the only - currently known - water, which is available both in bottled form and as a bath and has medical scientific results from research carried out on healthy volunteers. Kaqun water is such a unique, new development, which is able to cease the hypoxia, namely the state of lack of oxygen in the body without side-effects due to its high bound oxygen content. Its spring is in the Blackforest, Szigetköz, Hungary. This water is made by a special treatment, which offers scientifically proven beneficial oxygen absorption qualities for the body. During production, chemicals are not used. There is no high-pressure oxygen intake from an external source. With the regular consumption of Kaqun water - due to its high oxygen content - you input oxygen enhancing the regeneration of cells directly to the body. Consequently, KAQUN water is not mineral water in the classical sense. The following characteristics significantly differentiate it from mineral water: the very low mineral substance content, the high degree of purity, the high oxygen content produced by a special treatment. Its regular consumption detoxicates, refreshes, energizes, reduces tiredness, increases performance, alkalifies the body, enhances the oxygen transporting capacity of blood. It enhances the quality of life, it can increase your performance, the fitness of sportsmen, and it exerts its beneficial effect in the state of lack of oxygen occurring in flight, as well. It has scientifically proven results, contains no preservatives, additives or flavorings, made of spring water of extremely high purity, non-carbonated with low mineral content, high oxygen content. Multiples of that of regular drinking water.
  • Country: Hungary
  • Origin: Spring
  • Orientation pH: 7,9 (Moderately Alkaline)
  • TDS mg/l: 740
  • Type: Still
  • Bottle Size: 500 ml and 1000 ml
  • Brand: www.kaqun.huKaqun Premium Water