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Voda Vrnjci's finest. Premium non-carbonated natural mineral water with low sodium content. A unique product on the market in excellent glass packaging, and high-end design. ELEMENT is the highest quality low-mineralized water. Low mineralization is very rare and indicates excellent quality and high ecological value, as well as purity of the atmosphere where the water is forming The unique mineral composition of the Element place this premium brand among the top rank of European mineral waters. It is characterized by exceptional drinkability and an optimal 2:1 ratio of calcium and magnesium minerals which helps in the maximum utilization of all the useful ingredients to the body. The Element is a unique product in the market. An extraordinary glass packaging, with the superior design made by reputable local designers, is complemented by a specially patented fastener that guarantees freshness and quality of the product. It can be consumed in unlimited quantities without worry about overflowing the body with minerals The Element can be found only in selected bars and restaurants, top-notch places that offer only the best to their guests. Element is sourced from the Belimarkovac springs, near Vrnjacka Banja in the pure, intact environment of Goč mountain, at the height of 570m above sea level. The water from this source of mineral water which is not artificially cut, highlights from the white marble stone and from there, by pipeline, is carried directly to their factory. According to regulations of the quality of mineral water, the Element is non-carbonated natural mineral water with low content of both minerals and sodium.
  • Country: Serbia
  • Origin: Spring
  • Orientation pH: 6,4 (Slightly Acid)
  • TDS mg/l: 1175
  • Type: Still
  • Bottle Size: 300 ml and 700 ml
  • Brand: www.vodavrnjci.rs