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Eau de Sail Water
EAU DE SAIL water is a slightly mineralized and finely carbonated water. In 1878 Pastor officially recognized the qualities of Sail Water, which are known for the treatment of skin diseases, joints and nutrition. He considered this water "of immense value" and placed it at the top of the most active waters ". Sail's water by combining its absolute purity, mineral lightness, balance, and softness, is first and foremost the water of all organisms, from young children to high-level athletes, without any restriction, Regardless of the doses absorbed. For the same reasons, especially its silica content and its low salinity, it is the water of fine tastings par excellence because it does not modify the taste or the palate between two dishes or two wines. Sail-les-Bains water is recognized for its virtues both taste (low salinity and finely carbonated) and curative thanks to the presence of silicon, bicarbonates and lithium (antiaging of cells, beautification of the skin and soothing of the skin, good for the nervous system).

Eau de Sail