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Acqua Orsini

The ACQUA ORSINI water was born in the Alta Murgia National Park, in the Municipality of Poggiorsini in the province of Bari, once a fief of the Orsini Duchi di Gravina and an ancient aristocratic and Papal Roman family. A territory of rare beauty, natural and protected with a rich hydrogeological basin. Orsini mineral water is classified as “oligomineral” due to its balanced Fixed Residue of 298 mg/l (less than 500 mg/l) which, together with the low sodium content, equal to 0.001%, and a good dose of bicarbonate, of 225 mg/l, gives the Orsini water an appreciable taste on the palate and a healthy value.

  • Country: Italy
  • Origin: Natural Mineral
  • Orientation pH: ?
  • TDS mg/l: ?
  • Type: Still and Sparkling
  • Bottle Size: 750 ml
  • Brand: www.acquaorsini.it

Acqua Orsini Fine Water