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Nordic Life

Each drop of NORDIC LIFE water comes from the same region of Norway – the Fyresdal valley in south west Telemark. For many thousands of years the area’s unique geology has supplied local inhabitants with pure, unadulterated drinking water, and now we’re proud to share it with the world. They use a bottling facility in Fyresdal itself, to ensure that the journey from source to bottle is as short as possible, preserving the incredible purity of the water. They offer their water exclusively to their customers – every drop is sourced there. Nothing is added, nothing is taken away. When you open a bottle of Nordic Life, you know exactly where the water you’re drinking comes from. Nordic Life water is naturally pure, with one of the lowest counts of total dissolved solids of any natural water in the world. While we’re all familiar with the need for minerals such as calcium, sodium or magnesium in our diet, many water sources also contain high amounts of harmful dissolved solids including environmental pollutants. Not so with Nordic Life. With as little as 40 mg/l TDS, the exceptional purity and clarity of the water are immediately evident to the palate. By comparison, many mass-market bottled waters contain between 100-300 mg/L, and tap water may contain up to 500 mg/L. Water is the essence of life, and so the quality of the water we drink contributes to the quality of life we experience. As the basis of a healthy diet and active lifestyle, the extremely high purity of our water enables you to take greater control over your mineral intake while avoiding potential contaminants. Whether you’re pairing a glass bottle of Nordic Life with fine wine over a meal, or packing a recyclable PET bottle for a day of sailing or hiking, you’ll appreciate the difference, and your body will too.

  • Country: Norway
  • Origin: Natural Mineral
  • Orientation pH: 6,0 (Moderately Acid)
  • TDS mg/l: 12,6
  • Type: Still
  • Bottle Size: 700 ml
  • Brand: www.nordiclifewater.com

Nordic Life Fine Water