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The sparkling Swarovski crystal-embellished HEART CARAFE is perfect for those special days with your friends, for a party, even your every day in the office, or with your loved one in your glam home having dinner with a glass of wine. If you seek a unique gift for a wedding, for Valentine's day or just you want to express how much you love someone this is also the perfect present. This customized reusable glass carafe is embellished with real Swarovski® crystals for the ultimate sparkle. Each crystal is hand-placed using the strongest professional-grade glue available. Each crystal is hand-placed using the strongest professional-grade glue available. Your unique carafe will last as long as it is treated with care, like a piece of jewelry. Please use it to store cold water only! Buy it together with the wonderful Heart GobletIt comes with a small packet of spare crystals and glue should any accidents occur.

MATERIAL: borosilicate transparent glass, real Swarovski® crystals

CAPACITY: 1000 ml

HEIGHT: 25.5 cm


CLEANING AND CARE: do not place this product in the dishwasher or microwave! Do not soak it and do not use a scrubber. Clean it with warm soapy water and dry with a soft, lint-free cloth. Gently wipe to maximize brilliance. Do not submerge in water. Avoid using abrasive cleaners. This product is an object of art and has to be treated more carefully than a standard one, as all crystals are hand-applied. Avoid any contact with sharp or hard objects. Do not leave this item in overheated areas as this could cause the glue to soften and make the crystals come loose. Do not pick at the crystals as this could cause them to come off.


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